“Dialogue" between ACME and Maritime Silk Road

Quanzhou is an important starting point for the maritime Silk Road identified by UNESCO. For thousands of years, the Port of Essence is busy, and the Maritime Silk Road exudes ecstasy here and shows vitality.

On October 14th, Holding by Quanzhou Weinan Folk Song and Dance Inheritance Center (Quanzhou Song and Dance Troupe), A large-scale musical dance epic "To the sea" , a log of the voyager, created by famous domestic artists such as Xing Shimiao and Gaoshan. It held at the Quanzhou Liyuan Classical Theatre, the new interpretation brings a refreshing feeling, and won applause from the audience.

“To the Sea" is based on the ancient Maritime Silk Road, The profound historical culture of Minnan and cultures of kinds of countries are blend into the show. To reshow the prosperous scene of Quanzhou, and describes the history of Silk Road. With its delicate arrangement and dazzling effect, it has attracted the attention of the world.

This performance is full of Minnan elements. It is the exchange and collision of Eastern and Western cultures. It borrows modern methods such as literature, drama, sound &light, and draws on the charm of comprehensive art.

"To the Sea" is a variety of dialogues between ancient and modern, between China and the world, and the lights reflected by ACME XP-5000SZ F professional stage lighting also have a deep taking with the stage designed, complement each other, everything is so beautiful, it is irresistible to the stage charm of the drama~

The "To the Sea" drama combines the profound history and culture of Minnan, the music, dance of the intangible cultural heritage and the civilization and artistic features of Asian countries along the lines of Hainan. It combines passion, emotion, hometown and hometown.

ACME believes that "To the Sea" will become a cultural event that is with different ethnic group, different styles and different artistic method along the sea line. It will become a beautiful festival for the people to feel the charm of Silk Road culture and enhance mutual understanding.