Inner Mongolia University, China

- Art Institute of Inner Mongolia University selected ACME stage lighting – 

        8 August 2013, Guangzhou, China - ACME, a manufacturer of professional entertainment and stage LED lighting equipment, is honored to provide 120 pieces of BW-54 3RGBW, 40 pieces of XP-15R BEAM, 30 pieces of XP-1500 Series and 16 pieces of BW-27-10FC for Art Institute of Inner Mongolia University in China.

        Inner Mongolia College of Art is the only one comprehensive art colleges, whose predecessor was founded in 1957 in Inner Mongolia art school, the autonomous region is an important training base for national artistic talents, also known as Inner Mongolia, one of the cradles of art.

        To keep up with the trend of modern dance in Institute, but also to nurture artistic talent first, etc., in recent years gradually on three thousand square meters of auditorium for lighting upgrades, and ultimately selected to the ACME brand 15R beam lights, LED moving head, zoom lights, 1500W moving spot lights, and other new moving head light fixtures, thanks to ACME optoelectronic engineers in the field to help debug, is now ready for daily performances, its pure light, dazzling stage effects beyond the expected design requirements.