ACME Glittered up Il San Kintex REMI Kids Musical Theatre in Korea

  21th Noverber,2014, Guangzhou, China- ACME, Brilliant and colorful children's Boutique can be a perfect interpretation of dramatic art, has important links with stage lighting effects. Recently officially set sail for Korea Remy theatres selecting products under ACME, to create colorful stage lights vision.

     On October 30, in Korea, the Remi from the International Convention and Exhibition Centre children's theatre was officially put into operation, can accommodate hundreds of people dedicated to a mysterious and beautiful fairy tale dedicated to the audience, and provide art to children's paradise. ACME LED-MS700PE, MP-300Z, E-300, LED-BL4, LED-FB8FC, LED-ST2000, UV-50N and other products form a powerful lineup of light, as a theatre stage to create dazzling, colorful and dynamic scene lighting effects, strong artistic renderings, beautiful and stunning visual experience for viewers.