Small Size, Big Power -- PIXEL 100/PIXEL POWER 8

The entertainment lighting family ushered in a group of "new members" this time. PIXEL POWER 8/PIXEL 100, not only small in size, but compact in design! Also high quality, cost-effective!

PIXEL POWER 8 is like a mother. Giving birth to PIXEL 100, charging it continuously and escorting it!PIXEL 100 is like a child. Under the protection of PIXEL POWER 8, it will show its strength and flourish. Can emit a super-bright "square" beam!

Now let's reveal the appearance of the "mother and son"!

PIXEL POWER 8/PIXEL 100  product introduction video➤➤

PIXEL POWER 8/PIXEL 100 Product introduction


The light source is composed of 1 pc 80W RGBL and 24 pcs 5050 RGBW LEDs.

The color temperature is 2500K-8000K,

RGBL's innovative lemon color,

Whether it's brightness or color,

Both are better than RGBW light sources!


Can emit a super-bright "square" beam!

More energy-saving and efficient!

The body has no power and control panel settings,

Backlight circle control + point control function

Small and light,

The weight is only 1.9kg

And has passed the 10 times safety load-bearing test

High safety factor, so it can be used with confidence.


Beam Angle: 2.7°-21°

Spot Angle: 4.4°-26.3°,

Various speed strobe effects

0-100% smooth dimming function



PIXEL 100 needs to be used with PIXEL POWER 8 power supply box.One power box can be connected to Eight PIXEL 100, equipped with a composite cable dedicated to power signal


The lighting adopts a hanger and buckles design, without any tools, can quickly achieve horizontal and vertical assembly, and is also convenient for hanging and disassembling, saving time, improving work efficiency, and providing more choices for lighting engineers.



Input voltage range: 24VDC, 50Hz


Power, signal input/output: dedicated 5 pin power signal composite line input


Input voltage range: 176-264V, 50Hz

Power: 530W

Signal input/output: 3pin XLR input/output

Power socket: power cord input

Power + signal output: 8pcs 5pin power signal composite line output


PIXEL POWER 8/PIXEL 100, Small size, light weight, energy saving and environmental protection Not only can it save you more costs, But it can also create a strong visual impact for the performance stage! With the use of lightings and power boxes, it can easily meet the lighting needs of bars, dance halls, clubs, concerts and other entertainment venues.


Has this high-quality and cost-effective "mother and child" attracted you? Put PIXEL 100 /PIXEL POWER 8 into your shopping cart now!

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