Let's Open ACME's Variable Cube Box -THUNDER BREAKER

You must have played the classic "Tetris" when you were young, right?
We keep combining cubes and work hard to upgrade
It always brings us joy and sense of accomplishment

Now THUNDER BREAKER can also bring you a splicing mode like "Tetris"

Do you want to know what effect this large "Tetris" can create?
Please quickly open the variable cube box and enjoy the infinite creative lighting world!


THUNDER BREAKER, the whole power is 395W which composed of 576 0.8W RGBW LEDs and has a higher brightness output than traditional audience lights!

Besides, it included the Waterproof grade IPX4 and splash protection of the whole fixture.

It is not only in small size and light weight but also has removable handles for easy carrying and installation.

The unique pin splicing function can quickly achieve horizontal and vertical assembly or hanging installation of fixtures without using any tools, which can not only save you on-site construction time, but also control labor costs

Maximum number of power connections: 
120V,60Hz : 6pcs
230V,50Hz : 10pcs

0-100% smooth dimming
144 led zones can be controlled individually

It can produce excellent, high-output strobe effect

And it is easy, convenient and quick to install the C-clamp.

It equips with ACME standard flight case.
Flight case size:1075 x 565 x 535 mm
1pc flight case can load 4pcs THUNDER BREAKER.

If put together the BL-200 series fixtures, you can form ACME's unique "Magic Cube".

THUNDER BREAKER makes the performance more vivid and is an ideal partner for TV studios, concerts, theaters, outdoor performances, entertainment venues and other venues.
Does this "variable cube box" surprise you?
BL-200 series fixture will be launched one after another!
Please keep looking forward to it~~



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