ACME AECO 5,Leading a New Trend of Energy Saving

AECO series lighting

Which is another masterpiece after AECO 10


is coming!

ACME AECO 5  Introduction Video

As a high CRI LED moving head,

which has higher color reproduction than ordinary LED lighting on the market!

Have more complete functions!

More energy saving!

More environmental protection! 

ACME AECO 5 not only has the functions of beam, spot, wash, framing, but also adopts the environmental protection concept of the times-Energy saving LED light engine, which is a high CRI LED moving head specially designed for performances, theaters, TV studios etc. It will be the first choice of LED moving head for creating the ultimate visual tone stage!

Follow me to explore this high CRI "artifact"


AECO 5 has an advanced optical system to ensure clear image quality.

Zoom ratio: 1:8.3
Lens diameter: 125 mm
Zoom angle: 6.5°-54°


Pan operating angle: 540°

Tilt operating angle: 270°

Fixation: Pan/Tilt lock

Automatic correction when Pan/Tilt position out-of-step


With a high degree of saturation color reproduction!

Using innovative 450W LED light engine

Luminous flux 13,000 lm



Provide rich color saturation and clear seamless color transition!

1 color wheel with 6 fixed colors

Linear CMY color mixing system


Mechanical linear aperture

0-100% smooth dimming

Multi-speed strobe effect


Adjustable linear CTO from 2,700K to 6,000K


1 fixed GOBO wheel with 8 fixed GOBOs

1 rotating GOBO wheel with 7 rotating GOBOs, easy to replace


4 framing disc for fast and smooth framing

The whole framing module can be rotated ±45

A variety of gobo display methods,

Provides a high degree of flexibility for lighting designers!


2 high-brightness fogging films of new materials that can be superimposed

Light and moderate fogging can soften the edges of light

Can more effectively improve the brightness of the cut into the fog mode


Power Consumption 650 W

Dimensions 252 x 364 x 692 mm

Net weight 26.5 kg


Standard configuration with 2 integrated folding black Fast locking hook suitable for 50mm truss

This is a high CRI LED moving head that can satisfy your high-quality light color. Not only can it provide you with almost unlimited design and use potential, it can also create a greater return on investment for you!


You deserve it.

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