ACME ICARUS 620 Upgrade Does not Increase the Price, More Dazzling Dyeing Effect

ACME ICARUS 620 Lighting Demo Video
As a loyal fan of ACME, I believe that no one does not know that Pageant 600 zoom, this LED moving head light, is based on its perfect function. Pageant 600 zoom has been used in major events to meet the dyeing needs of wider performance occasions.

In 2020, ACME will optimize the LED light engine based on Pageant 600 zoom.

Increase the power of 37 15W RGBW LED lamp beads to 20W Promote the luminous flux of light to reach 14067lm.

This light is the protagonist of today

Still maintain excellent color mixing effect
At a distance of 5 meters
The beam angle is 10°, RGBW full brightness up to 24100lux
The beam angle is 60°, RGBW full brightness up to 1830lux

Small and light
Integrate powerful beam and dyeing functions,
separable circle control

Configure linear focusing system
Zoom range 10°-60°

Multi-speed strobe effect
0-100% smooth dimming 
Stable and uniform color in dimming range

Easily create a dynamic and psychedelic world for you.

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