ACME LEO Unleashes Your Unlimited Creativity!

LEO Three-In-One Moving Head Light Product Video

As one of the glory products of the ACME family, SPARTAN HYBRID, the three-in-one moving head light has always occupied a place in the mainstream market due to its high quality, multi-function and good reputation. Since his debut, he has danced in various events and performances.

In 2020, on the basis of maintaining the consistent stability and practicality of SPARTAN HYBRID, ACME welcomes an enhanced version of SPARTAN HYBRID ---LEO! Each performance has been further improved, greatly realizing a more wonderful stage lighting effect!

Before we lift the curtain of LEO for everyone, let us review some representative engineering cases of SPARTAN HYBRID:

ACME LEO utilizes a high-output Philips lamp and hybrid beam/spot/wash effects to offer you unprecedented power and versatility, improve the 3 in 1 fixture to a whole new level by all its forms.


Powered by the 550W Philips® MSD Platinum 25R discharge lamp technology, high quality optical lens, diameter of the lens is 154mm


The strong light equipped with 14 colors plus white, smooth CMY color mixing, CTO color temperature from 2700 kelvin to 7800 kelvin with linear-gradient, flexible change between colors to easily creates the rainbow effect in bi-direction.


In addition to the colorful colors, two gobo wheels were also installed. One is equipped with 18 static GOBOs plus open, the other one is 7 interchangeable rotating GOBOs plus open.

Uniform spot and colorful light effect, plus the gobo shaking function make the patterns produce gradient light effect.


Each effect of gobo, beam and wash can be switched flexibility by the motorized focus; the beam angle can be switched freely from 2° to 70° according to application requirements.

Under beam mode, zoom range from 2 degrees to 7 degrees, the beam is bright & shape with clear-cut edge.


Under spot mode, zoom range from 5 degrees to 34 degrees, excellent pattern projection to achieve the wide ranged distinct mid-air effect.


Under wash mode, zoom range from 8 degrees to 70 degrees, the concise beam spread by a big margin, further enlarge the wash area.



Independent frost filter, easily turn the hard-edged beam into a more subtle wash effect that’s perfect for flooding stages and seating areas with color.

Special designed a rotatable and replaceable animation wheel with outstanding water and flame effect, giving you more free imagination space.


Base on above features, equipped with a 6-facet liner prism and a 8-facet prism, both are individually rotatable to allow for awesome multi-directional prism effects, meanwhile they can also be overlaid to generate unique effects, Hold the audience's attention tightly.


LEO with rapid movement features,16-bit precision scanning, automatic correction of out-of-step position, and max dynamic movement in 540-degree pan and 270-degree tilt, and there is also a vertical fixed lock.


It is standard equipped with a one-piece folding clamp for quick loading and unloading the light, and LCD display with built-in rechargeable battery, which can be set in menu without external power supply.

Equipped with3-pin & 5-pin XLR, RJ45 and power connector input/output.

ACME LEO can provide fast moving strobe beams for concerts, large parties, TV studios, banquet halls and other places, and control the strobe intensity through 0-100% electronic dimming.

All kinds of functions and effects, only to release your unlimited creativity, further build creative magic light design!

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