ACME Witnessed Refresh Together With Jeep

Mar. 2018, Jeep 80th anniversary ceremony and 2021AW new product release conference hold by American leisure brand Le's group and global medium-to-high end business travel casual clothing brand Jeep open in Chuanzhou Hilton, The much-anticipated new autumn/winter 2021 collection also officially arrived today.


The theme of this ceremony is “refresh”, means break traditional ideas, put the concept of "camping" to the show. The ceremony incorporated with JEEP's feelings and theme culture, models dressed in JEEP Fall/Winter 2021 new products, accompanied by dynamic music rhythm, walked on the runway, started a special audio-visual feast.

In order to bring a dazzling visual enjoyment to the audience, the ceremony specially selected ACME AECO 10 and CHIRON professional stage lamps, and create a new visual interpretation according to different styles of songs and different new products, rendering a beautiful atmosphere effect.


Jeep 80th anniversary ceremony and 2021AW new product release conference, presented a vivid interpretation of a collection of fashionable elements and brand spirit of the autumn and winter new show, bring different audio-visual experience to the audience!




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Xiamen Julei Ming Culture Co., Ltd

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