2020 Weibo Night Shock Attack Acme Witness the Moment of Glory With You

On February 28, 2021, an honor ceremony was held at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena for the annual extravaganza, Weibo Night 2020.

As the most influential Chinese social media platform in the world, Weibo realizes the fission dissemination of information in a fast and open way.Weibo Night 2020 is the first large-scale live-streaming event after the Spring Festival. Focusing on the special background of the year 2020, the gala uses positive topics throughout the year to review the surprises and touches of the year.


The gala broke the barriers in the whole field, gathering the top people in all walks of life and all fields, gather together, a grand feast!The huge performance stage is surrounded by a wide range of vision. The gorgeous lighting matrix brings a broad space to present and impacts the visual perception of the audience.


The lighting design team carried out a new creative design for the stage lighting. The scene stage is full of starlight, focusing on the overall picture performance of visual effects, and combining with the artistic conception of the songs of the performers, bringing the audience one stunning classic stage after another, undoubtedly creating a cool visual feast!

Nearly 1,100 professional stage lamps such as ACME CHIRON, AECO 10, GLAMOUR 700Z and DOTLINE 360 were selected for the Weibo Night 2020 to render the whole stage through rich light effects and create a fantastic audio-visual feast!



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Brave to meet the challenge and the unknown!


Special thanks to

Chief Lighting Design: Huang Tao


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