Go Through the Wind and Waves for the Dream

The season two of Sisters Who Brave Winds and Waves is broadcast exclusively on Mango TV every Friday at 12:00 PM since 22 Jan.

This season continues the hit of last season. With the dazzling light, twenty sisters get rid of the age shackles and pursue their dreams bravely on the stage, highlighting the tenacity and charm of 30+ mature women.

In order to launch a new main vision, Season two continues to choose ACME as the stage lighting brand.

700units ACME Dotline 360 and SPARTAN HYBRID equipment were used with MDG ATMe Fog generator and Spotrack Tracme follow system at the show.With excellent and stable expression, all sisters show their most beautiful side in the gorgeous stage.

The colorful lights accompanied by the wonderful performances of the sisters made the whole stage more shocking. It is hoped that more women can feel the expression of their self-worth through the program and encourage them to struggle with confidence and take care of themselves.

The show's slogan was changed from "Life begins at thirty" to " Life is full of spirit at thirty ", the focus of the program permeates from the women's wonderful bloom to the hard work and struggle behind their success. It shows a rich diversity of female values and the interpretation of self-confidence and struggle.

It is believed that anyone can be brave enough to pursue their dreams at any time, not just at the age of 30, but at any stage of life.

Life is full of spirit at thirty, Go bravely.

---------------- THE END --------------