Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center Project

On January 5th, the lighting equipment of“Century Hall” and “Yuexiu Hall”of Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center were successfully accepted.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center

Century Hall

Guangzhou International Convention Center is located at Baiyun South Avenue, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, is a brand of Lingnan Group and a member of ICCA. Guangzhou International Convention Center is a large-scale comprehensive convention center integrating conference, exhibition, hotel, banquet, performance and property, is one of the few thousand room hotels in south of China.

Yuexiu Hall

ACME completed the supply of lighting equipment for the “Century Hall” and “Yuexiu Hall” in Guangzhou Baiyun Convention Center at the end of last year. Guangzhou Baiyun Convention Center puts forward strict requirments on the quality, technology, reliability, environmental performance and control of the fixtures. ACME integrates R&D resources according to customer requirements to provide customers with perfect solutions.


DAVY/DL-200D can reach 9419lm luminous flux, and color temperature is 4000K, beam angle is 30°, it is with high CRI/ CRI≥95 and providing even warn and cool lighting effect. DAVY is ultra high brightness, energy saving and high efficiency, far exceeding the brightness of traditional down lights. With artistic & embedded design, DAVY can maintain the architectural decoration of the overall unity perfectly, it won't damage the consistency of the art of ceiling. DAVY is hidden in the interior of the building decoration, and the visual effect is soft and even.

The ceiling is embedding DAVY/DL-200D lights, and soft lighting effect is integrated with the hall to create a very comfortable lighting environment, which provides a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the meeting. In addition to applying the DAVY/DL-200D as the basic lighting for the “Century Hall”, ACME ELLIPSOIDAL 300 was also used as the surface light for the lecture table.


“Century Hall” is a relatively large hall, with a variety of functions such as leadership speeches, live broadcasting, and group discussions. Since the venue setting of the hall is extremely formal, the problem of equipment noise is also one of the factors considered by the customer.

ELLIPSOIDAL 300 is ACME ‘s classic profile product, LED light source, low power consumption, excellent light path design, uniform and soft spot and extremely high brightness. With low noise within 1 meter less than 30dB, ELLIPSOIDAL 300 is suitable for various places with demanding voice control requirements.

After screening by engineering companies, ACME products finally stood out from many competitors and were highly praised by the owners, which once again tested the excellent and stable products strength of ACME!

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