ACME Gave Great Support to the LOL Finals

On October 31st, the LOL S10 global finals staged the Championship battle at the Shanghai SAIC Pudong Football Stadium.

As one of the most concerned e-sports events in the LOL series, the finals have been expected by players from different countries around the world, and the effect of the opening ceremony has been praised by the majority of players.


The magnificent opening ceremony of the finals, with the theme of “Invincible", used professional stage lighting such as ACME SPARTAN HYBRID, DOTLINE360, THUNDERBOLT, THUNDERSTRUCK, etc., to support this finals.

The brilliance of the lights symbolizes that SN and DWG have overcome obstacles all the way to the finals, pointing to the LOL S10 global championship!


With the change of ACME lighting, the entire stage creates different scenes in different stages of the competition, presenting the perfect interaction between virtual and reality, making the battlefield effect and atmosphere more vivid and exciting!

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