“2020 Beijing Fashion Week” Light up the Capital City Fashion Night

On the yesterday night, The opening of 2020 Beijing Fashion Week was held in ShouGang No.3 Blast Furnace, This year show are aim to give the chances for Chinese brands to show their fashion design and create a new fashion show week style after the epidemic.
When the night came under the effect of the colorful neon lights, the steel furnaces is sparkling inside ShouGang No.3 Blast Furnace.


The theme of the eight days fashion show is “Chasing the lights” There will be 200 china fashion brands shown to the audiences. The show will combine Offline activities and online live shows and brings more representation solutions for the brands.


On the opening show, the stage is full with technology and it combines the characteristics of Shougang Park's industrial culture with the “Green leaf” idea. By the effect of ACME lighting and MDG fog machines, the show creates a new green space and brings a fully immersive experience to the audiences.

The show uses nearly 500 sets of ACME SOLAR FLARE II, STAGE BLINDER, PAGEANT 600Z II, SPARTAN HYBRID C professional lighting fixtures and world famous Canada MDG ATMe fog machines.

The SOLAR FLARE II makes impeccably performance on the show. It not only combines beam, washing, gobos and framing together, but also it maintains the pure color, Uniform spot, higher output, strong penetration feature. The high-CRI mode and high-output mode could meet the performance requirement of some fashion shows, TV shows, concerts, sport opening, major sports meeting opening and closing ceremony and so on.

Using the fantastical color effect of ACME lighting fixtures, MDG fog machines and the nature gobos and combine with fashion elements, The shows bring the vision of harmony between nature and human.

The models with fashion clothing are conspicuous on the colorful stage. All Chinese fashion brand and traditional brand clothing mix with modern designing, city culture, Landmark elements and popular aesthetics. The show brings the beauty of traditional culture together with fashion design feature to the audiences.

The 2020 Beijing Fashion show opening ceremony will be broadcast live on the TV channel BTV-9,Tiktok, Tencent video and Sina News.

ACME and MDG together light up the capital city Beijing fashion night and start the cultural feast which belongs to the capital city fashion culture. The show will definitely help the Chinese brands to expand their company culture to the world.
Special Thanks to
Opening ceremony director: Wang Zhe
Visual Design: Li Xiao Wei
Lighting Design: Li Jing Shan
Executive Company: Bejing Wuyue Culture Communication Co., LTD

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