The Premiere of Legend of Wufeng Ancient Town is Successfully Held on Chinese Labor Day

Click the video, ACME will introduce the Legend of Wufeng Ancient Town

Performance name: Legend of Wufeng Ancient Town
Performance location: Outdoor concert hall of Wufeng Ancient Town, Jing Tang, Cheng Du.
Performance time: 20:30 PM every night from 1st May to 5th May
The show will last for twenty minutes.
Wufeng Ancient Town which is located on the west south of Jing Tang Town, Cheng Du province, and it is Class 4A Tourist Destinations in China。 There are only five paths across the town, and the five paths named after Phoenix, which is Jing Feng Road, Qing Feng Road, Yu Feng Road, Bai Feng Road, Xiao Feng Road. Now the Wu Feng Ancient Town not only has the ancient town history, but also the modern high-tech water curtain show.


As one of the famous spots in the Wufeng Ancient Town, Actual performance Legend of Wufeng Ancient Town is the water curtain show designed by Chinese top performance design team. The show is not doubt the brilliant show project in the ancient town, which will bring to visitors on 1st of May, 2020.

During the Chinese Labor Day Holiday, tourists could enjoy a specially water curtain show on the Tuojiang riverside every night.

Legend of Wufeng Ancient Town is based on love theme, and it combines music, video, dance performances. There are six chapters (Preface, Met, Acquaintanceship, known, Love, Devolution) Which show a touching love story between ancient town girl‘Gu Yu’ and Musician ‘Yuan Fang’.

Lighting is the most important performance for Legend of Wufeng Ancient Town! The stage uses around 300 units CHIRON, SABER HYBRID and GLORY FRAMING ACME products. The lighting combines modern sound, light, electric technology with history and folkway elements together base on the special natural resources and traditional culture of Wufeng Ancient Town. It breaks through the space limit, and bring the Stunning stage effect to audiences.

The show combines ACME lighting, water curtain and the stage fountain show together, makes a special lighting space and brings a lively love story to the audiences during the Chinese Labor Holiday.

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