ACME Assists Sisters Riding the Winds and Breaking the Waves

On the 12 June, Mongo TV Sisters Who Break Winds and Waves broadcast to the public.


Different from the youth superstar talent show, it is the first time to offer a stage for female singers who are over 30 years old, and make special music women over aged group program to audiences.


The show is used special cutting in view angel by top production team. Audiences show high expectation before board case. 30 female superstar singers get trained and make the comparison on stage. Finally five numbers from the group will pass the evaluation and combine as ‘over aged super singers group’.


30 sisters do not get any rehearsal, and show their natural warmth on the stage. They would try their best to show their lovely dream by the songs, and make the stage performance to the highest level.


The stage design show the originality, and light up the audience eyes. The shape of the stage like a big boat which travel on the sea, and it perfectly show the theme 'Break Winds and Waves'.


Everything is unknown on the stage when the show do not have any rehearsal, the program team use the ACME SOLAR FLARE and DOTLINE360 to make sure the lighting effect are perfect on the stage.


ACME colorful light not only making amazing performance on the mid-air, but also combine the light effect on the Smooth stage surface. The sisters are highlighted on the stage by ACME light, and they will set sail on the big ‘boat’, break the winds and waves to make their dreams come true.


The sisters put their youth and intellectuality together and show their special characters. They are not only others mothers, daughters, wives, superstars, but more important they will be themselves, who is the modern independent women.


"A lady who is 30 years old will not be backward, and she always has the younger mentality". For the ladies who are over 30 years old, their beauty is not showed on the appearance, as time goes by, the lady will be more mature and elegance.


Not matter different age, or facing different challenges, life should be adventurous and show the real aspiration, take off the fixed identity and show the unique beauty and wonderful experience.


Breaking the age limited, the super singers group was identified by confident sisters. The Mongo TV Sisters Who Break Winds and Waves will show at 12:00 P.M every Friday, please expect the sisters upcoming fantastic performance on the stage with ACME.


All the past will be the preface

Hang up the sail, break Winds and Waves and reach to the success.

Special thanks to

Beiao Dalu Stage Art Design & Production Co., Ltd

The Pictures are come from the Internet video cut screen.

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