Youth With You Season 2, ACME Helps Hundreds of Trainers Sing for Youthful Dream

Youth With You Season 2 is a youth inspirational variety show launched by iQIYI in the first quarter of 2020. It has been lived on iQiyi since March 12th and is broadcast twice a week, which can be watched every Thursday and Saturday.

*Performance Stage*

As the super content in the first quarter of this year, Youth With You Season 2 is the good and big show in the market.

Gathering many youth girls who sing and dance well, with dreams in mind, for a four-month training and stage performance competition, the show producers witnessed their growth together and the birth of positive energy super popular girl group.


Hundreds of trainers performed the theme song “YES! OK!”, the youthful music style and positive energy lyrics injected a new “soul” into the program.

The spiritual core came from the song also fits perfectly with slogan of “You Can Reach No Matter How Far” in Youth With You Season 2. You can be reached as long as chase your dreams bravely no matter how far your dream seem.


In addition to the fantastic performance, the cool stage effect of Youth With You Season 2 made the audience crazy. And the stage design, clothing design and lighting performance make the program more enthusiastic.

*Performance Stage*

"The product of actor is acting, the product of singer is song and the product of sing & dance singer is stage."

It shows that, stage is so important for idol, every idol wishes to have show on the bigger stage. Therefore, the choice of stage lighting is very important.

*Performance Stage*


When the curtain opened, fireworks started on the stage, and screaming of audience who under the stage, which was accompanied with flowers and applause by changing lenses and gorgeous lights.

A total of 700pcs ACME professional stage lightings which includes OXYGEN/CM-400Z, PAGEANT 600Z II/CM-600Z II, STAGE PAR COLOUR/BL-100 RGBW, THUNDER/BL-200 CP and so on, brought a gorgeous and fantastic show for audience.


The girls were like a small sun which is full of light under the illumination of ACME lights, emitting light and heat, bringing warmth and joy to everyone.


Although the opening of 2020 is not so good, but the young trainees are still fighting for their dreams on the stage of Youth With You Season 2, how can you and me easily bow your head and admit it?

The horn of dreaming has been blown, the trainees are ready to go, everything will be brand new, ACME will accompany with you to start your youthful journey from here!


Trace the original hart, endless love
Let’s look forward to it on the road to dream!
Special Thanks
Design Team: EYE show studio
Lighting Designer: Tian Weijun, Lu Xiaowei, Wangmeng

*Parts of pictures are coming from network*

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